Bringing Safe2Meet to Market


Selling Something New to the World.

By Patricia Wilson-Smith, CEO Safe2Meet LLC
One of the most daunting things about being an entrepreneur is delivering something brand new to the world.
After all, you’ve come up with an idea that YOU think is great, and needed. Maybe you’ve even done a mountain of research and you can see a good potential target market. So you dive in feet first and start to build this thing that you believe the world wants and needs.
It’s never as simple as ‘build it and they will come’, however. No matter what the product or service, the most difficult part of the go to market process is finding the right customers who are willing to pay for what they get from your product or service.
So in figuring out how to bring Safe2Meet to the world, we’re looking at what our service will do to make your life easier. Pure and simple. We’re talking to potential users, and looking to find those specific times in their lives where they would get value from being able to declare their online credibility, and make sure that someone else has been verified Safe2Meet on our platform.
The conversations we’ve had so far had been amazingly thought-provoking. It’s not enough for there to be a perceived need, we have to find those people who might even lie awake at night needing a solution like ours. These things are never as cut and dry as you might want them to be as a marketer, but if you listen, really listen, you learn enough to determine if you’re solving the right problems, and if your customers are willing to pay to have those problems solved.
Whenever I’m in doubt about whether or not there is place for Safe2Meet in the market, I think of “”. is a thriving pillow manufacturing company based in Chaska, Minnesota. Founded by owner MIchael Lindell in 2005, as of this year, they’ve sold millions of bed pillows based on their unique open-cell poly-foam design.
Even though the company is now wildly successful,’s story begs the question – what on earth made Lindell believe the world really needed another pillow? In 2005? There was certainly no lack of research on Lindell’s part – for years in fact, he experimented with fabrics and fillers, read sleep studies, all in the name of bringing a new version of something to market that I’m sure most considered already – covered. But why?
Simple. Lindell believed from the start that he could create a product that met an unmet need. He started selling his pillow out of his house, hand-sewn, with the help of his family. The company struggled for years until he introduced the pillow to U.S. consumers via a 30-minute infomercial, extolling the virtues of his patented design, and how only it could solve a problem for consumers that they didn’t even know needed solving – getting a better night sleep. I think of Safe2Meet the same was I think of!
The concept of always knowing that someone is who they say they are is foreign to us today – and yet the new crowd-sourced, fast as lightning, technology-driven economy demands it. And so in much the same way as Michael Lindell introduced the idea of a better pillow to the masses, we’re going to introduce the concept of a better, safer way to interact with people you don’t know on and offline! We can’t wait to begin to give you the information you need to know how best to incorporate Safe2Meet into your regular routine of staying safe on and offline, but here are just a few ways our platform will make it easier and safer for you and your family:
• No more wondering whether or not you’re sending your hard-earned money to a scammer when you make a purchase on sites like e-Bay or Craigslist – our platform will help you ensure the identity of anyone you choose to do business with online, in real-time
• You’ll be able to insist that anyone who interacts with your kids, say in church or as part of a sports group is verified Safe2Meet
• Before you allow someone to come to your home for any reason – a Craigslist sale, to show your property, a home repair, or even for a social reason, you’ll know that they are who they say they are, and have an audit trail to them if you need it for any reason at all
In a world where there have been a number of less than effective options for individual identity and background verification, Safe2Meet solves a problem for our customers that right now, they may not know needs solving. Declaring and managing your credibility online has never been more important, and even something as simple as knowing that someone on the other side of a transaction is who they say they are is critical. So like, we’re helping you to get the better night sleep you didn’t even know you weren’t getting.
Stay tuned for more on the launch for the world’s first peer-to-peer identity and background verification service, and how you can participate in the BETA test of Safe2Meet later this year!