Required Information

To enter required verification information:

  1. Select the plan you want to purchase and select Purchase This Plan.
  2. On the Make a Payment – Self Verification page, fill in all fields in the Credit Card Details section and select Make Payment.
  3. When the system displays a message indicating payment is successful, select this link: Let’s get started!
  4. On the Tell Us More About Yourself page, fill in all fields and select Verify Me. The system displays a confirmation page.
  5. Review your verification details. To edit information, select Edit My Entries.
  6. When finished, select Confirm to Verify to begin the verification process. The system prompts you to connect your social media accounts with your Safe2Meet account.
  7. Connect one or more social media accounts and select I have Finished Connecting Accounts, or select Skip For Now. The system displays a message indicating that verification is complete.

Select View Your Results. The system displays your personal Dashboard with your Credibility Score and supporting details including the verification date and type of verification, your Credibility Score, and whether any change is positive (+) or negative (-).