Responding to a Peer Verification Request

One of the most important features of Safe2Meet is the ability to request that a stranger get verified by our platform as well. It is possible to receive a verification request even after you’ve become a verified Safe2Meet member.

Verification requests are sent to you via email. To respond to a request:

  1. Click the ‘Respond to this verification request’ link in the email
  2. If you are new to Safe2Meet, register and complete your verification
  3. If you are already a verified member of Safe2Meet, login
  4. On the main dashboard, you will receive a notification that a new verification request has been received. Click the notification to be taken to your list of verification requests
  5. Any verification requests that you have received that have not been viewed will be displayed with a ‘New’ indicator
  6. Click the ‘View’ action next to the verification equest you wish to respond to

Once you view the verification request, you can either accept it, decline it, or return to the list of verification requests