What is Safe2Meet?

The Trust Platform for a Connected World


There’s no easy way to know who to trust!Said everyone, everywhere.

The Problem :

We use the internet for just about everything these days. We buy and sell products and services online and offline, date, network, and conduct business online. But how do we know who to trust?

Meeting people you’ve contacted via the internet is not always safe!

The best example of this problem is buying and selling on sites like Craigslist. The news is full of stories everyday of people who have been scammed, or worse by someone they met on Craigslist, either for an innocent financial transaction, or for a social interaction. To date, the only solutions that have been offered up have been vague advice about what to look for in an online posting, and how to choose safe public places to meet. This is all good advice, but it does nothing to gauge the intent of those who use popular sites to target innocent people.

The sites you love aren’t doing the best job of protecting you!

Safe2Meet does just that. We’ve created a trust platform where you can be sure that a verified user is who they say they are. We’ve solved the problem of anonymity on the web.

With Safe2Meet, you can:

  • Get verified and create your very own digital ID badge
  • Download your badge and display it anywhere you can upload an image
  • Request that anyone else you choose to meet or do business with get verified
  • Log your online activities so that others know it’s really you

Common Uses for Safe2Meet:

  • Show others you are a trusted online buyer or seller
  • Prove to potential customers that you are a trusted service professional
  • Make sure that home and elderly care workers are Safe2Meet
  • Protect your children by insisting that their coaches or sports trainers are verified Safe2Meet
  • Invite a home buyer or seller to be verified Safe2Meet before meeting them at an empty property
  • …and much more!